Learning resources write and wipe pockets

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Write and Wipe Pockets Pack of 5

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It is great not having to look at the numbers when cutting a large batch. Write-and-wipe pockets turn every piece of paper into a reusable, dry-erase surface. Open pocket lets you quickly insert and remove sheets of paper as needed.

Pockets feature handy loops on the top to conveniently store the included dry-erase markers with eraser tips.5/5(1). Write and Wipe Pockets - Set of Five. Learning Resources.

Share: share via email; share via facebook. Write & Wipe Word Sort Front & back of cards. Look for these other great products from Learning Resources®: LER Write-and-Wipe Desk Mats – Venn Diagram/T-Chart LER Write-and-Wipe Desk Mats – Handwriting LER Graphic Organizer Pocket Chart † For open sorting activities, let students decide how they want to sort.

Students. (Brand: Learning Resources), (MPN: LER ), Review Nib Learning Resources Spin Letters Wheel Game Ler Word Building Skills. It offers most common initial and final consonants word families on 2 interchangeable, double-sided, write wipe wheels the activity guide 4 game play options at various levels of challenge to help differentiate instruction two featureword families,2 sets anda.

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Learning Resources Write And Wipe Pockets at michaelferrisjr.com Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Go green! Slip in your own activity masters to create write & wipe activities.

Turns every paper into a reusable learning activity for quick-and-easy centers.

Write and Wipe Pockets

Coordinates with color-coded trim on Center Signs (LER ) to provide a helpful visual cue. Includes 5 dry-erase markers with eraser tips, which store in the handy loop at the top of each pocket.

Learning resources write and wipe pockets
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