Learning disabilities as a cultural construct essay

The term learning disability was first introduced in by Kirk as a term that envelops disorders like brain injury, minimal brain dysfunction used by doctorsperceptual disorders, hyperkinetic behavior used by psychologistdyslexia, aphasia used by speech language pathologistetc.

It has been emphasised that cultural and sociopolitical factors could indeed influence the assessment of certain mental illnesses, thereby enabling mental clinicians Learning disabilities as a cultural construct essay consider cultural issues as necessary aspects of the assessment and diagnostic process Chang It must be noted that assessment seldom includes one function; patients might be assessed to determine who they are, to describe and appraise particular problems of living as well as personal and social resources.

If the student is found not to require special education and related services under IDEA at the time, the possibility of requiring support or services under Section of the U. When each professional's own background and expertise is brought to and respected by the team and valued along with input from the child's parents, the team maximizes the integration of individual contributions.

Typically, such intervention is in the area of reading and mathematics or behavior and includes criteria to indicate whether the student is making sufficient progress.

Such factors as gaps in access, disputed diagnostic procedures, and limited specifications of competent treatments are reflective of what needs to be further emphasised in mental health care.

As a result, a broader range of measurement tools and data is used to inform assessment, evaluation, and eligibility processes. The Royal College of Psychiatrists. Improvements in secondary care teams e. We aspire to become a developed nation by and leaving any child behind will certainly not help us to realize this dream.

Along with this is the fact that human change is complex and that measuring beyond a simplistic level is a difficult task, thereby making the change meaningless Corey I believe the vast majority of those suffering manifest a combination of academic and socio-emotional characteristics.

This requires a lot of drill and practice in two directions: Australian College of Mental Health Nurses: Several areas of research have influenced comprehensive assessment and evaluation components and processes. She came to the hospital to be observed and to allow personnel to research on a suitable drug that could work for her.

Custom Cultural Construction of Learning Disabilities essay paper writing service

Peduto enrolled her seventh grade son, who suffered, no doubt, silently, from all three disabilities described above. It is significant to note that standardised assessment methods promote inclusion in the mental health.

Rather, it is necessary to take into account the context, setting, social norms, and beliefs for the individual being assessed Pender, Murdaugh, and Parsons It must be recognised that assessments and diagnoses performed must be evidence-based and need the use of accepted methods.

This, of course, sparked interest among the students at school and the faculty as well.

Custom Cultural Construction of Learning Disabilities essay paper writing service

The variety of perspectives provided by multidisciplinary input into the evaluation should suggest multiple implications and assist in projecting student goals and plans. In addition, each of these differences must be considered relative to age, grade, or intellectual level across and within areas pertinent to learning e.

In mathematics, the specific language, cognitive processes, and academic skills, which may or may not be impaired in students with learning disabilities, are not as well developed as those in reading and writing Fletcher et al.

Written by experienced professionals they will give the idea how to prepare perfect proposal on the matter and to present your thought in most favorable light. However, a formal interview will have the questions carefully prepared earlier and might even be worded in a certain way, whilst the informal interview lacks this feature.

Learning disability cannot be caused by a dementia or a sensory impairment vision or hearinglack of school supervision, lack of motivation or poor socioeconomic conditions. Because research did not support the rigid application of the commonly used discrepancy formula as the sole criterion for determination of specific learning disabilities Fletcher et al.

However, she uses and understands gestures. It can be seen as a broad general term that includes a number of disabilities historically recognized as separate. The data should reflect the multiple perspectives of general education curricular and academic skills, as well as more specific areas that can create the unexpectedly low performance typical of individuals with learning disabilities despite appropriate instruction.

How can learning disability be cured. She was admitted for her best interest. Computer software provides online achievement testing, automated interpretations of standardized test data, and banks of goals that can be incorporated into IEPs, individualized family service plans IFSPsand ITPs.

Janet is on different psychotic tablets and mood stabilizers; she is unable to sleep despite having been prescribed with sleeping tablets. Your research paper will be written from scratch. Multidisciplinary teams that include the child's parents are expected to consider all aspects of a student's learning and behavior that assist or interfere with school performance.

Important regard is given to the impact of such severity because both a high outcome risk with low impact and a low outcome risk with high impact can take place Kettles and Woods The initial process of assessment ascertains whether the individual has a mental health problem; identifies the problem; the most appropriate treatment; and whether there is coexisting health or social problems requiring attention or treatment.

Interviews were performed with her family members and carers who observed her behaviour. Determining Whether a Student Needs Special Education and Related Services Comprehensive assessment and evaluation processes are intended to assist the IEP team in determining whether an individual should be identified or diagnosed as having a learning disability or disabilities i.

But think about the many years of frustration and embarrassment so many students have suffered from such learning disabilities in silence and pain. According to New York State Part Regulations, a learning disabilities is “a disorder in one or more of the basic psychological processes involved in understanding or in using language, spoken or written, which manifests itself in an imperfect ability to listen, think, speak, read, write, spell, or to do mathematical calculations [ ]” (“Section definitions:’, ).

The Issues Surrounding Disability Social Work Essay. Print Reference this. Published: 23rd What is also evident is that the cultural understanding and responses to impairment and disability have varied and still do.

Comprehensive Assessment and Evaluation of Students With Learning Disabilities

A high percentage of people with learning disabilities live in poverty. 24 % of working age people with disabilities do. Refuses to write or do work that involves writing; Dyslexia: This common learning disability is best known for causing reading difficulties.

But it can also affect writing. Understanding your child’s trouble with writing is the first step to getting her the help she needs.

Types of Learning Disabilities. of emotional disturbance; or of environmental, cultural or economic disadvantages. Generally speaking, people with learning disabilities are of average or above average intelligence.

There often appears to be a gap between the individual’s potential and actual achievement. A learning disability cannot. Learning Disabilities as a Cultural Construct - While perceptions of learning disabilities (LD) may vary according to country, culture, and teachers, it is often necessary to diagnose students in order to receive funding for services.

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Learning disabilities as a cultural construct essay
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