Employee engagement and grievance handling

Employee Engagement and Grievance Handling

A grievance handling system serves as an outlet for employee frustrations, discontents, and gripes like a pressure release value on a steam boiler. The first may involve the employee cowering and slinking away with his complaints.

Maybe you are having trouble gaining access to, and communicating with, the employer. It is also during this step that the grievance of the employee is acknowledged.

All companies should aim for zero grievances from employees. Keep all communication lines open. Also they will then lower the morale and efficiency of the employees.

This is also an indication of the acceptance of the company that there are bound to be grievances in the future, so the most logical thing to do is to be prepared for them. Being antagonistic and hostile is also counterproductive. And not just during the investigation period. Gather information regarding the grievance.

There has always been a stigma attached to employees complaining against their employer, and this goes back to the old times. Once these policies are established, it is even more important to see to it that they are fully and properly implemented. Schedule follow-up meetings when necessary, and ensure that the people involved are truly involved.

Handling an employee grievance, 5 key actions

If no settlement has been reached at this early stage, the grievance will proceed to the next step. For example, the implementation of revised company policies or new working practices.

Why is it important to have a grievance handling procedure.

Employee Engagement and Grievance Handling

Offering the best solution vii. Worker rights have certainly gained more recognition, and one indication is how complaints are now given more attention and actually taken seriously.

It also helps the management to frame policies and procedures acceptable to the employees. Even if they do not seem plausible at first, and even if they are brought up in very casual conversations, as if in passing. Come up with alternative courses of actions.

This is in line with acknowledging that a grievance exists, even if you are still in the process of determining whether it is valid or not.

Grievance proceedings should not be allowed to go on for months. Violations of Rules and Policies. This dissatisfaction must crop up from employment issues and not from personal issues.

This pertains to how swift and decisive the action will be once the grievance has been received. No matter how, initially, the complaint may seem silly or nonsensical, there is a need to treat it seriously. Anyone tasked to handle employee grievance must maintain a degree of independence from their employer.

It makes sense, since the employees can hardly file their complaints against the person they are complaining about, can they. Maybe you are having trouble gaining access to, and communicating with, the employer.

A record of such facts must be maintained so that these can be used in later stage of grievance redressal. Work conditions Unsafe workplaces and offices that pose potential physical harm and health problems to employees are also seen as valid reasons for a formal complaint.

Handling an employee grievance, 5 key actions This is a 5 step guide to handling an employee grievance effectively and efficiently, for HR Directors. On the same note articles also show employee engagement as celebrating birthday parties / orgainsing picnics / orgainising games / family day / handling grievances / communication of polices & procedures of the Company etc.

GRIEVANCE Provides the employer with a process for resolving a complaint they are unable to resolve through regular communications with their superior/manager Grievance vs Discipline DISCIPLINE Gives employer a process for handling an employee who is not meeting the expected standards of performance or behaviour.

Jan 30,  · Handling employee grievances and complaints is tricky. But by setting up a proper system, you can ensure all complaints are heard and resolved in a timely manner/5(25). Handling an employee grievance, 5 key actions I had the pleasure of working with Richard Mullet on an HR Employment issue.

I thought that was a quite tough one at the beginning of our start-up business. Employee Engagement and Grievance Handling Process Statement about the Problem This topic has been chosen because in every organization, employee engagement activities are conducted as employee productivity is clearly connected with employee engagement.

It is a business management concept. An "engaged employee" is one who is fully involved in.

Employee engagement and grievance handling
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